What are we doing about it?

The Climate Citizens project is working towards a future where public deliberation and widespread engagement are normalised across climate policy making. Where there are ample opportunities for people to develop their knowledge and expertise, form opinions based on good information, and have their voices heard. Where the gap between the Government and the governed is closed, and people trust that decisions are being made with their interests at heart. In short, we believe a renewed social contract between citizen and state is necessary, bringing citizens into the policy making process as essential and equal partners.

These changes will help to turn everyday settings in homes, workplaces, and social spaces into sites of deliberation, social learning, and consensus building. By involving people in policy decisions, we can create policies that, in turn, engage and motivate citizens. A system of informed engagement will help us to navigate a rapid net zero transition in a way that builds people’s support and trust.

We are working with project partners such as the Climate Change Committee to design new ways to involve people in climate policy making. Find out more about our work by exploring the website.

Photo credit: Climate Assembly UK – Fabio de Paola, PA Wire