Project outputs

Read the latest outputs from the Climate Citizens project and our team.

Journal articles

Embedding deliberation: guiding the use of deliberative mini-publics in climate policy-making. Ainscough, A., Willis, R. 01/ 2024. In: Climate Policy (2024): 1-15

The messy politics of local climate assemblies. Lewis, P., Ainscough, J., Coxcoon. R., Willis, R. 2023. 06/2023 In: Climate Change (2023): 176:76

Real people or “economic processing units”? The limited understanding of people’s roles in energy and climate governance. Willis, R. 11/2022 In: Energy Research & Social Science, 93.

Deliberative democracy and the climate crisis. Willis, R., Curato, N., Smith, G. 11/01/2022 In: WIREs Climate Change. e759

Taking deliberative research online: Lessons from four case studies. Willis, R., Yuille, A., Bryant, P., McLaren, D., Markusson, N., 29/12/2021 In: Qualitative Research. 1-19 p.

Attractions of delay: Using deliberative engagement to investigate the political and strategic impacts of greenhouse gas removal technologies.
McLaren, D., Willis, R., Szerszynski, B., Tyfield, D., Markusson, N., 13/12/2021 In: Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space. 1-22 p.

Building a Social Mandate for Climate Action: Lessons from COVID-19 . Howarth, C., Bryant, P., Corner, A., Fankhauser, S., Gouldson, A., Whitmarsh, L., Willis, R. 1/08/2020 In: Environmental and Resource Economics. 76, p. 1107-1115.

Social tipping intervention strategies for rapid decarbonization need to consider how change happens. Smith, S., Christie, I., Willis, R. 19/05/2020 In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 117, 20, 2 p.

Reports and briefings

The messy politics of local climate assemblies. Lewis, P., Ainscough, J., Coxcoon. R., Willis, R. 2023. June 2023

How are people understood in energy and climate governance?. Willis, R., 12/102/2022

Addressing emissions from owner-occupied homes: Findings of a citizens’ panel on home energy decarbonisation. Ainscough, J., Willis, R., 21/09/2022

The role of deliberative public engagement in climate policy development: A report for the Climate Change Committee. Ainscough, J., Willis, R., 21/09/2022

The fight for a mandate for net zero. Ainscough, J., Willis, R., 13/02/2022 In: Progressive Review. 1-4 p.

A Social Contract for the Climate Crisis . Rebecca Willis, R., 18/08/2020 in: IPPR Progressive Review27(2),p.156-164


Too Hot to Handle? The democratic challenge of climate change. Rebecca Willis, Bristol University Press, March 2020

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