Project outputs

Read the latest outputs from the Climate Citizens project and our team.

Journal articles

Deliberative democracy and the climate crisis. Willis, R., Curato, N., Smith, G. 11/01/2022 In: WIREs Climate Change. e759

Taking deliberative research online: Lessons from four case studies. Willis, R., Yuille, A., Bryant, P., McLaren, D., Markusson, N., 29/12/2021 In: Qualitative Research. 1-19 p.

Attractions of delay: Using deliberative engagement to investigate the political and strategic impacts of greenhouse gas removal technologies.
McLaren, D., Willis, R., Szerszynski, B., Tyfield, D., Markusson, N., 13/12/2021 In: Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space. 1-22 p.

Building a Social Mandate for Climate Action: Lessons from COVID-19 . Howarth, C., Bryant, P., Corner, A., Fankhauser, S., Gouldson, A., Whitmarsh, L., Willis, R. 1/08/2020 In: Environmental and Resource Economics. 76, p. 1107-1115.

Social tipping intervention strategies for rapid decarbonization need to consider how change happens. Smith, S., Christie, I., Willis, R. 19/05/2020 In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 117, 20, 2 p.

Reports and briefings

The fight for a mandate for net zero. Ainscough, J., Willis, R., 13/02/2022 In: Progressive Review. 1-4 p.

A Social Contract for the Climate Crisis . Rebecca Willis, R., 18/08/2020 in: IPPR Progressive Review27(2),p.156-164


Too Hot to Handle? The democratic challenge of climate change. Rebecca Willis, Bristol University Press, March 2020

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