Climate Citizens is a project run out of Lancaster University aiming to change how people engage with the creation of climate policy. We want to transform climate policy from something that happens to people, to something that happens with people.

In September 2020, Climate Assembly UK, the Citizens’ Assembly commissioned by Parliament, launched its findings. Recent months have also seen an upsurge of Assemblies and Juries at local level. These innovative deliberative events are re-defining how the public engage in climate decision-making. The next step is to move beyond one-off events and embed meaningful two-way communication between the Government and citizens into the policymaking process.

Climate Citizens aims to take that next step.

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23 Oct
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Our report on how UK politicians, charged with leading the way, respond to the climate crisis have been recently released. Following our previous report from 2018 which looked at how UK MPs understand and respond to climate change, this report is based on a new set of interviews with 15 MPs, and a focus group with civil society representatives. This research, based on the findings of a collaboration between Lancaster University, The Climate Coalition and the Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations, and supported by Green Alliance, reveals how much has changed since 2018. Find more information here. Download the full report here.
24 Apr
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We have funding to cover the tuition fees for one Masters of Science by Research (MSc-R) at Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University.

The successful applicant will join the Climate Citizens project team to conduct a piece of original research on one of two topics:

  • Green financial reform and the prospect of democratisation

  • What climate policies do the public want to see?

More information about the opportunity can be found here.

Deadline: 16/05/2023

The funding covers tuition fees only, there is no stipend (living expenses) included in the funding.

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