Talks and media

Find out more about deliberation and the Climate Citizens project through our media engagement and public talks.

Citizen’s Reign: Involve ordinary people in the climate debate, Centre Write

28/01/2022. Rebecca Willis wrote for Bright Blue journal ‘Centre Write’ on the importance of involving people in debates about climate policy

After COP26: Climate change experts discuss what needs to happen now, The Conversation

18/11/2021. Rebecca Willis joined a panel of other climate experts hosted by The Conversation to discuss the outcomes of the COP26 climate conference.

Public consent – How to engage the public with the net zero revolution, Business Green

26/10/2021. Rebecca Willis, Hubbub’s Heather Poore, Viki Cooke from BritainThinks tackle the issue of public engagement as part of Business Greens ‘Net Zero Festival’

Distorted democracy and the ‘zero-sum game’, Climate One

30/04/2021. Rebecca Willis joins Political Strategist Heather McGhee on the Climate One podcast to talk democracy and climate change.

Online harms bill, food and class, talking about climate change, BBC Woman’s Hour

15/12/2020. Rebecca Willis joins Woman’s Hour to discuss changes in how the public understand and talk about climate change.


Strangers in a room, hammering out climate solutions together, Boston Globe

29/10/2020. Rebecca Willis writes about Climate Assembly UK for the Boston Globe.


A mission for sortition: citizens’ assemblies and the climate crisis, Reasons to be Cheerful with Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd

18/05/2020. Rebecca Willis joins the Reasons to be Cheerful podcast to discuss Climate Assembly UK and what comes next.

Photo credit: Climate Assembly UK – Fabio de Paola, PA Wire