Advertising and net zero

We have recently started a project investigating citizen views on climate change and advertising, and specifically, the advertising of high-carbon products and services.

Advertising is influential both in shaping people’s choices, and in contributing to overall cultural understandings and norms. Previously, restrictions on advertising, including bans, mandatory warnings, codes of practice and so on, have been introduced to achieve societal aims such as reducing smoking or alcohol consumption. This project will work with a Citizens’ Jury to ask whether such approaches may have support, to address the issue of advertising and climate change.

Previous citizens’ initiatives, such as the UK-wide Climate Assembly UK, recommended measures to restrict advertising. This Jury will look in detail at the issue, and offer conclusions and recommendations to inform decision-making in this area.

The project is being run by Professor Rebecca Willis and Dr Jacob Ainscough.

Videos of commentators at each session of the Citizens Jury can be watched here.

This page will be updated as the Jury progresses.

Photo credit: Shared Futures