Embedding deliberation

The Climate Change Committee (CCC) is the statutory advisor to the UK and devolved governments on greenhouse gas emission targets. We are working with the CCC to explore options for embedding deliberative public engagement into how they develop policy ideas. We are also assisting the CCC in developing their advice to government on improving public involvement in climate policy.

There is a wealth of examples of citizen engagement models from across policy areas including health care, social care, science and innovation policy, and food security. In our first phase of work with the CCC, we are bringing together findings from these processes to develop a guidance document tailored to climate policymaking. This report will map out options for public engagement, the types of problems and questions each method is most suited for, the types of evidence they produce, and examples of their application in other areas of policy making.

Following this initial report, we will work with the CCC to develop one or more deliberative research exercises to support the Committee’s work.

Photo credit: Shared Futures